J&J Bottle Shop
Craft Beer Heaven
If you're a fan of craft beers, there's no better place to grab a cold one than at J & J Restaurant & Bar. Our huge selection of craft beers will have you coming back time and again. We have more than 400 different kinds of beers, including dark beers with new varieties coming in every week.

Come Find a New Beer to Love

Kick back and enjoy a nice, cold beer after a long day of work with J & J Restaurant & Bar. No matter what your tastes in beer are, you’ll find a variety that is perfect for you. With more than 400 varieties and new beers every week, come see us often and fall in love with a new brand or type each time – available in draft or bottles!

The Perfect Complement to Your Food

With such a huge variety of both food and beer, you’re bound to find that perfect combination of food and drink when you come to J & J Restaurant & Bar. Whether you have something from the grill, a hot or cold sandwich, or even a salad, you’ll find the perfect beer to complement your selection.

Check Out Our New Crowler Machine

Our Crowler filler is here. Now you can take your favorite draft craft beer home with you. Stop in today, and bring a few 32 oz. Crowlers to your next cookout or party!